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Hi, I'm Brooke Loftis

a corporate facilitator, narrative creator, and curriculum developer. I believe education and sales are synonymous and that opportunity is made from curiosity and the courage to say hello. 

I'm a North Carolina native and proud Appalachian State Mountaineer. I've lived on and between both coasts, ultimately deciding to trade my southern accent for home in God's Country...Montana.

Work takes me across the states, from San Francisco to Washington D.C.


CoolSculpting is the world's #1 nonsurgical fat reduction treatment. Harvard scientists found that fat has a different relationship with cold than other structures in the body, so they developed CoolSculpting to effectively freeze and eliminate fat cells.

I have the privilege of representing this technology as the Senior Manager of Training within Customer Education. Put simply, I lead three courses that teach our clients how to recruit, convert, and retain patients. My goal is twofold:

  • To help each attendee develop a brand narrative - a compelling reason why patients should choose their practice over another option. 

  • To reframe sales - to have confidence that conversion will occur if they engage patients by asking the right questions, educate to credential their practice and our technology, provide an experience that's memorable, and produce exceptional aesthetic outcomes. 


When my clients return to their businesses with heightened self awareness and the courage to improve, the impact is       goose-bump inducing.


Their confidence rises. They contribute more. They act with focus. Business productivity benefits. Prospect-to-patient conversion increases. Revenues follow. Energy shifts. Clients notice. Clinical proficiency becomes clinical excellence. Outcomes improve. Patient satisfaction soars. Retention and Recruitment follow. Aesthetic results manifest in demeanor. Patients show up TO the world rather than IN the world.

It's an electrifying cycle that begins with giving clients a space to find greatness in themselves and the resources to move envisioned goals into reality. 

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